We are the team of dreamers whose biggest wish is to bring people new and exciting ways to get away from everyday chaos. Sailing and Fishing Infinity club is a young company, with offices in Croatia and Serbia, founded in 2018 by the team of visionaries. We decided to share our love to the sea, fishing and kayaking in a different, interesting way with you.

Our mission is to provide high quality and best available products and activities that connect water, outdoor activities and having fun.

In Croatia we opened office and show room in Sibenik which led to expansion and setting up rent centers. Apart from renting kayaks, at Croatian coast, we are offering daily excursions to several islands and national parks. In Serbia we are focused on attracting people to kayaking in general, specifically developing kayaking on lakes. But we do not plan to stop there - we are just starting!

Our wish is to affect as many people as possible - from passionate fishermen and adventurous nature lovers to families and young people. We are offering a new dimension of fishing, holiday and outdoor fun. Whether if want to buy a top quality fishing kayak or just want to enjoy some time exploring or enjoying nature - we are here to make that happen.